About Tierlantijn collection


The lamps are recognizable by the use of wood, steel, copper and caps made of sturdy linen fabrics. The collection is characterized best as a robust and timeless with a traditional rural atmosphere. The entire collection is designed in-house.


We work with a team of professionals who, with attention and care, assemble the lamps in order to ultimately deliver a superior product.
After the lamps have been partially assembled, they are then put in the appropriate primer.


The dyeing techniques developed by us to give the lamps a unique character.


Tierlantijn has a large collection jar lamps which are treated according to their own process. It is a labor intensive process in which multiple layers are provided in order to achieve the desired result.


We have a wide selection of shades, which can be supplied in various sizes and shapes. You can choose from an extensive range of rough linen fabrics in various colors. Our dealers often have examples of the fabrics you can chose from.


For a large part of our pendant lamps, there is the possibility to use different caps or shades. It is possible to hang steel, copper or linen caps or shades on the same pendant lamp. This creates your own unique light.

Do you want to know more about the possible combinations, please contact one of our dealers.


Each lamp is tested by us before it is shipped.
Service and customer satisfaction are our top priority.

About Tierlantijn collection
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