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The Frezoli line is characterized by the use of aluminum, industrial design and a rugged look.
Although the name sounds Italian, Frezoli is a Dutch brand that was conceived and developed by ourselves.


The aluminum is melted in a gas furnace and heated to approximately 770 degrees C. After 45 minutes, the casting is removed from the sand mold and left to cool for a number of hours.

During the casting process the Frezoli-logo is automatically molded in the lamp.

The aluminium left behind as a result of the casting process is cut off and sanded. Then, there are various finishing operations, including the drilling of holes, and the tapping of screw-thread.

The lamps will be put together in our own workshop and checked before they are shipped to our customer. Doing so we can guarantee the quality.

Lamps are packed by us and delivered by our distributors throughout Europe and beyond.


We are a modern company that follows the latest technical developments closely. An example is that a major part of our collection can be fitted with energy efficient LED lights that can be dimmed in many cases.

For the latest developments in this area, click here.

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Frezoli Industrial Lighting
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