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Frezoli is a family-run company focused on creative design and professional production of lamps. The lighting collection contains some 250 different kind of lamps for inside and outdoor use with each their own unique character. However, the Frezoli collection is still assembled and finished by hand.Meanwhile the lights are used worldwide to give houses, hotels, bars, restaurants, shops, institutions and company buildings a unique touch.

Inspired by history, the collections of Frezoli Lighting are not only lamps that provide light. The lamps are designed as eye-catchers, all of them beautiful objects that add atmosphere to your interior. View our extensive collection and models and be inspired. Find a dealer in your area!

25 years of experience
250+ lamps in our collection
500+ different lamp shades
2018 Name change to Frezoli Lighting

Frezoli Lighting handmade

The entire Frezoli Lighting collection is made by hand and constantly renewed and improved. Our collection now consists of around 250 different types of lamps for indoor and outdoor use, each with its own unique character. In addition to homes, the lamps from Frezoli Lighting are increasingly used to give hotels, bars, restaurants, shops, institutions and business premises a unique appearance. View some of our projects for an impression.
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The latest Frezoli Lighting news
The latest Frezoli Lighting news
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