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A lampshade is an object that acts as a cover to cover a light source and the surrounding luminaire, thus limiting the light to the environment. Depending on the type of lampshade, a certain atmosphere can be created in your interior.

The high-quality handmade collection of Frezoli lampshades offers a range of possibilities. To be combined with floor lamps, wall lamps, table lamps and hanging lamps.

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  1. Shade Hogenas hanging lamp
  2. 35cm Hanging model

    35cm Hanging model

    • Article Code: K.035.9.
    • Ø Bottom: 35 cm
    Product information.
  3. 18cm Hanging model

    18cm Hanging model

    • Article Code: K.018.9.9.
    • Ø Top: 4,2 cm
    • Ø Bottom: 18 cm
    Product information.
  4. High standing model 60 cm

    High standing model 60 cm

    • Article Code: K.060.15.
    • Ø Top: 45 cm
    • Ø Bottom: 60 cm
    Product information.
  5. Half shade straight 22 cm
  6. Half shade straight 35 cm
  7. Rectangle straight flat 18 cm

    Rectangle straight flat 18 cm

    • Article Code: K.018.14.
    • Width: 18 cm
    Product information.
  8. Rectangle oblique narrow 40 cm

    Rectangle oblique narrow 40 cm

    • Article Code: K.040.7.
    • Length top: 19 cm
    • Length bottom: 40 cm
    Product information.
  9. Half shade oblique 45 cm

    Half shade oblique 45 cm

    • Article Code: K.045.11.
    • Length top: 34 cm
    • Length bottom: 45 cm
    Product information.
  10. Rectangle oblique hanging low slim 150 cm

    Rectangle oblique hanging low slim 150 cm

    • Article Code: K.150.9.7.
    • Length top: 145 cm
    • Length bottom: 150 cm
    Product information.
  11. Square oblique standing 20 cm

    Square oblique standing 20 cm

    • Article Code: K.020.6.
    • Length top: 13 cm
    • Length bottom: 20 cm
    Product information.

11 Items

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Are you fed up with your Ikea lampshade and looking for a high-quality handmade lampshade for your modern interior? Depending on your taste and preference you can adapt the Frezoli lampshade to the style of your interior. Choose between a round, square, slanted or rectangular model. Also, in terms of colours and materials there is plenty of choice. Whether you are looking for a sweet lamp for the baby room with a soft pastel shade or a modern look with a sleek black linen lampshade, our product range offers you many options.

Handgemaakte Kruiklampen

Varity in color and material

Each lampshade is handmade from our own fabrics and materials. Our rural natural linen, taupe, anthracite, and all other colours come from Spain. There, they are knitted and dyed in an authentic manner.   As a result, each lamp and lampshades are of high-quality and original. You can view the entire colour range at our dealers.

Are you looking for exclusive, Dutch handmade lampshades, to include in your collection?

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Quality through craftmenship

The high-quality, handmade lampshades by Frezoli are manufactured in the Netherlands. The atelier is staffed by highly specialized craftsmen who have been making original lampshades in a range of styles for years. The shape of the shade determines what the metal frame will look like. The chosen fabric is then folded around the frame and attached using a high-quality adhesive. Finally, all lampshades go through a strict quality control process. As the frames of our lampshades are standard, installation is very easy.

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