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A wall lamp is a lamp that is attached to the wall of an entrance, staircase, living room, bathroom or toilet. It provides soft light and illuminates the dark corners in a room. Wall lamps can also offer a solution in the bedroom or children's room because of the soft light and the effect it creates.

It is usually mounted at eye level so that people are not looking directly into the light source. This avoids dazzling.

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Tough, soft or modern

We are delighted to share the variety of our collection with you. From cute and sweet baby room wall lights to tough and striking outdoor lamps to finish your facade. And not to forget the ultra-modern and original wall lamps with an articulated arm which, not only create atmosphere but are also very practical in use. There is a wall lamp to choose from for any interior style. And furthermore, they can be combined in numerous ways.

Handgemaakte Kruiklampen

Abundancy in shades

By using the patination technique, the wall lights are available in different colours. This also allows the lamp to adapt to your interior. Some common colours are matte black, lead colour, grey, aluminium, grey/black, brown/black, copper and brown patina. In addition, the wall lights with separate shade are available in various colours and shapes. From white linen to black linen and many dyes in between. Depending on the model of the wall lamp, you can choose from a round, rectangular, or oval shade.



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Our frames are mostly made of cast aluminium by first heating it to around 770 degrees in a gas oven. After which the casting is removed from the sand mould to cool for several hours. The hand-made castings are then sawn off and sanded smooth and further processed. Various quality control steps follow before the lamps are packed and shipped in a sustainable way. 

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