Jug lamps

A jug lamp thanks its name to the jar or roundly shaped basis that functions as base for the lamp. Within the high-quality finished jar you can find the power mechanism that leads in an upper movement towards the lamp holder. The lighting in the jug lamp is covered with a lamp shade. Depending on your interior design you can choose for a cilindrical or rectangular lamp shade.

The baked product is mounted in our workshop, provided with a socket and switch. After that the quality control will take place to make sure the product functions correctly.

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Production process of traditional jar lamps

The high quality jug lamps are handmade in Europe. The Frezoli atelier employs craftsmen and women who use the art of jug turning to handcraft durable jug lamps. The clay is subsequently baked in an oven at more than 1200 degrees. This makes the jugs rock hard.

The by us designed jug lamps are handmade in a traditional way one by one of clay on a pottery's wheel. The lamps are baked in an oven and then provided with various finishing layers in our workshop, which gives them their weathered appearance.

Handmade jar lamps

Install jar lamps

The great thing about jar lamps is that they are simple. First you decide which light source you want to use for your jar. This can be Wifi or bluetooth lights such as the HUE serie by Philips. A simple LED light can also be an option. You can also dim the light that you choose for. Once you have put the chosen light in the lamp you can plug it into the socket.

Now you can control the lamp with the switch or your phone.

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A jarlamp in your interior

High quality jar lamps can also be displayed in a bathroom or bedside table.

Jug lamps fit especially perfect in rural and cosy interiors with soft colours. Because of the natural material and round shapes they are a must have to complete the interior of your house.

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