Frezoli copper lamps

The collection copper lamps from Frezoli are lamps made in combination with copper. Often the base is made of steel or brass and the hood is made of copper.

The copper used in our lamps is of premium quality and leads to a contemporary design. The copper is used in table lamps, pendant lamps, lamps for outside and wall lamps.

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Copper and trends

Copper is increasingly visible in furniture and interiors of hotels, bars and restaurants. Just as gold (or imitation gold) is a regular returning feature of interior trends, copper is also a frequently used material. And even more so in this decade. It's only natural, as copper in interiors can have different looks and effects depending on how it is used. In combination with a sturdy base, it can give an industrial feel. In a cool interior, a copper detail makes it more modern. Overall, copper is immensely popular, and we like that at Frezoli.

Handgemaakte Kruiklampen


The copper lamps of Frezoli are a true eyecatcher! Most metals have a chilly appearance, but copper, with its warm red-brown colour, creates ambiance and adds warmth to the whole. Think for example of the chic Modena spot, the tough Mazz or the spectacular Sirmione. Each and every one of them, a jewel to complement your interior.


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Quality a must

Besides the warm look that radiates cosiness, copper is a very suitable choice because it remains a metal. Strong as iron and therefore unbreakable. At Frezoli we can therefore assure you of quality that lasts. A lamp from Frezoli is a durable lamp. And if you polish it regularly with a copper polish, the shine will never disappear. You can be sure of that.

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