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A hanging lamp is a lamp that hangs down from the ceiling, either with 1 or more lights. In some cases, the lamps are combined with decorative crystals such as a chandelier, or other decorative objects.

Hanging lamps can be attached to the ceiling in different ways. A hanging lamp, just like a floor lamp, completes the picture, creates warmth and can make a room feel homely.

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From sketch to lamp

After drawing a sketch in 2D, a prototype will be manufactured in our own workshop. When the prototype meets all quality and technical standards, the lamp will go into production. Because we have our own workshop, we can deliver large batches of custom-made pendant lamps in a short period of time.

Handgemaakte Kruiklampen


Most Frezoli hanging lamps are mounted with a ceiling beam, ceiling plate or ceiling cap(s). There are many different styles. In short, a selection from our collection. The metal pendant lamps, such as the Simfano, have an industrial and modern look and are suitable for the dining room, kitchen and living room. There are hanging lamps with fabric shades such as the Vechia for a rural or classic dining room. The Zanari is a copper model that fits in a range of interior styles such as bohemian, industrial or classic.


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Plug and play

Some of our pendant lamps, such as the Maroni, can be adapted in a very special way. By adjusting the shade to your preference, the frame can be used as a modern, classic or minimalist pendant lamp, for example above your kitchen island or in the dining room. These pendant lamps can be ordered at your nearest dealer. Here you can also view the various materials and shade shapes of which you can choose.

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