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Floor lamps are, as the word says, lamps that are placed on the floor. This can be a real asset to your spacious interior. Give your living room or bedroom that bit of extra character and create atmosphere and warmth where necessary, by combining colours and light gradations. A floor lamp also provides contrast in a room.

Frezoli floor lamps are all unique. The range is wide. There is a Frezoli floor lamp for very diverse styles such as rural, romantic, modern, classic. Beautifully combining with an original lamp shade

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Lightingtrends 2022

The lighting trends for 2022 combine many natural materials and light and airy tones. Vintage is also a hot topic in the world of lighting. However attractive trends may seem, an impressive interior is determined by the application of one or more styles. Taste also plays a major role. Our floor lamps can be combined in many ways and therefore apply to your interior. Think of rural, Scandinavian or romantic living. But also in a modern or bohemian interior the versatile floorlamps of Frezoli can not be missed.

Handgemaakte Kruiklampen

Original en artisanal

Just like our table lamps, our floor lamps are handmade in a very traditional way. Because of the small-scale production of our own design, you are assured of an original and traditional product. All our floor lamps are manufactured in Europe and are easy to install. Because the lamps are manufactured in Europe there is a short delivery time.


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Various floorlamps are finished by applying patina. Patination is a decorative painting technique which gives the floor lamp more depth and authenticity. Some examples from our collection are the Spezia, the Garda or the Sirmione. All ideal for a modern, rural, retro or Nordic interior.

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